hd 4850 on a 21" CRT Dell P1110 refresh rate issues!

Hi Guys,

I'm new here and just wondered if someone could point me in the right direction for solving a problem i have been having for the last few days.

I had an old PCI express Nvidia graphics card connected to my PC, connected to a Dell 21" P1110 monitor. I had no problems whatsoever except the card was pretty much useless when i came to gaming.

I purchased a HD4850 card and installed with the latest drivers / utils but seem to have lost control over the monitor when changing resolution / refresh rates.

before, when i tried changing the refresh rates the monitor would click and display the rate selected when applied (unless it was out of range of course) but now, the only rates it clicks on are interlaced and 60hertz.

When i try changing to 100hertz, the monitor goed black for a second (with no click) and although the screen refresh rate displays 100herts, the monitor is still displaying 60Hertz.. Not easy on the eyes, let me tell you!!

I have tried adding a monitor in windows but i cannot find a driver anywhere for the Dell P1110.

Tried a windows update but no drivers are found.

Tried uninstalling and re-installing the HD4850 drivers but the monitor is just displayed as a 'standard VGA monitor'

Tried removing the monitor driver but again, nothing is picked up..

Does anyone know how i can get windows to recognise the Dell P1110 monitor like it did with the previous Nvidia card i owned?

Any help would be appreciated.



P.s. My PC is a Fujitsu Seimens Esprimo Core 2 Duo 2.2 Gig - 2 gig ram
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  1. Go here http://www.tweakguides.com/ Look fpr ATI Catalyst.
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply. The information looks just like what i need.

    I will test when i get home.

    Thanks again
  3. Search the net for this "ReForce".
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