Need PSU Help for new build in Old Case

Hey guys-

I am rebuilding a pc in my old case and want to know if my old power supply will work. I got it a long time ago, but its called a Antec True430. I am very weak in knowledge on the PSU front and need your help. Here is everything I know about it:

Information on the side of the PSU:

AC Input: 115V/10A, 230V,/15A, 60Hz/50Hz

DC Output 5V 12V 3.3V -5V -12V +5VSB
Max 26A 20A 28A 0.5A 1.0A 2A
Main 0A 0.8A 0A 0A 0A 0A

+5V, +12V AND 3.3V MAX LOAD 410W

Info in case manual:

The Antec TruePower power supply is an ATX12V form factor power supply. An ATX12V power supply has a single 20-pin Main Power Connector, a 6-pin AUX Power Connector, and a 4-pin +12V Power Connector for the motherboard. It also comes with five to seven 4-pin +12V Peripheral Power Connectors and one to two 4-pin Floppy Drive Connectors for your drives. It is backwards-compatible to previous ATX form factor power supplies. IF your motherboard does not support the AUX Power Connector or the +12V Connector, you can still use this power supply

I want to be able to save some bucks and use to provide power to these parts:

Asus P5Q Pro (need twenty pin to 24 pin adapter)
9800 GT

And 4GB DDR2 Ram, 2 optical drives (IDE), a small card reader, 1 TB Sata 3 gb/s hard drive, some usb action and maybe a old 120 gb sata 1.5 gb/s hard drive.

I really appreciate your help. If guys would point me in the right direction of where i can learn about this stuff that would be great. THen i wouldn't have to bother you guys with these silly questions. Thanks!
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  1. That Antec is a good old power supply.
    You probably could hook up enough adapters to make it work with your SATA drives, video card power and the mains.
    I would not do that though. This is not the place to skimp on a new system build.
    For $70 to $90 you can get a new, high quality psu with more than enough power.
    PC Power & Cooling 610
    Corsair boxes are also now being heavily discounted.
    Check out for more advice on psus.
  2. yeah i don't know. It has never given me any trouble in my current build and it seems to fit right?

    you gotta find me a good budget psu, is $70 as good as i can do? If you add up those parts, I am building a pretty solid ~$350-$400 build.
  3. Here is a link to a psu power calculator: [...] orlite.jsp

    You can fill in the blanks with information about your pc and get a rough estimate of how much power you might need.
  4. Good PSUs that would work for your system.
    Antec Earthwatts 500w $50
    OCZ StealthStream 600w $45 after rebate, free shipping
  5. @ johnny Lucky

    thanks for the calculator. I put my system in there and it says I only need 316 W but it says the Amps over the 12V rail is whats important. And if I am reading my PSU info correctly, by adding the 12V Max Amp and -12V Max Amp, my current PSU has a Max of 21A over the 12V rail. Not enough for the 9800 gt. Can someone confirm I read this right?

    @dirtmountain: that was more like what I was looking for. I find some intriguing ideas along those lines:

    There's a good combo on the antec 500W with 9800 gt hybrid edition I like for $134.98 after rebates, thats essentially getting the PSU for $35.

    Or there's this one I found with that is combo'ed nicely with an Antec 300 case for a total after rebates of $89.94:

    That would be like spending $40 to not have to deal with ripping apart my old case and leave my old computer alone. BUt more importantly would that PS work just as well?

    Found a combo even better: HD 4850 + Thermaltake 650W for $163.23 shipped after Rebates:
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