Outer edge data placement

I was reading into some articles and came across a thread which mentioned that placing the data on your hard drive onto the outer edge of the physical disc would result in an increase in performance since the reader wouldn't have to move as much. They also mentioned that this would be possible with PerfectDisk 10. I happen to have PerfectDisk 10 but hadn't heard of this before. Would anyone be able to shed some light on whether or not this is true, and if so, how I could accomplish it?
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  1. Quite simple. If you have a 500GB disk, create a 50GB C-partition and leave the rest of the drive unused. This C partition will now be on the fastest portion of the HDD. As long as the rest of the HDD surface is not actively used/requested; the HDD will only read/write to the 50GB C-partition; therefore preventing long seeks.

    You can get modest performance increases this way. But migrating the system drive to an SSD would be like 50000% faster though.
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