New pc but not too sure about a few things..

Hello everyone I have a built new pc. I have a few questions. My current pc case is a standard one called Compucase 6k28
and a 350w Power Supply
The specs are:
Intel Core2Duo E8400
500GB HD 7,200 RPM

I have just orderd a 9800GX2 1GB and was wondering if it would fit in the 6k28 Compucase? Also I know I am going to have to upgrade the power supply, anyone got any decent ones in mind. Don't really wanna spend too much on a power supply but I know I will have to if I want a decent one :P

Thanks, Ellis
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  1. Oh yeah, I also forgot to add that is the 6k28 got enough ventilation for these components or will I have to get a new case? thanks again
  2. You need a new power supply. This one is a great one that will work fine for cheap:

    Your case is neither big enough, nor does it have the cooling required to house a 9800 GX2. This one will do for cheap:
  3. Thx for the post. my friend has offered me a OCZ 600W StealthXStream for £40 ($80) Do you think this PSU would work?
    And as for the case I wanted one with a glass window , do you have any more nice cases that would fit all of the components with a side window:P
    thanks , sorry for the hassle..
  4. First of all the one I linked is better than the OCZ 600W and is cheaper so...

    Try this case:
  5. What is second of all?
  6. The_Blood_Raven said:
    First of all the one I linked is better than the OCZ 600W and is cheaper so...

    Try this case:

    Thanks, yes I like this case alot, would it keep all of the components cool or will I have to also buy some fans to keep it cool? thanks alot for helping out man!
  7. It's hard to tell, but you might want to pick up an extra 120mm fan for the front, just in case. It will be worth the airflow if you do.
  8. ok cool , anyone know any guides on how to fit a fan? I know I could just look on google but i'm lazy ha..
  9. oh and i forgot to mention that for the PC CASE i'm either going to get
    : Thermaltake M9 Black
    :NZXT Alpha

    Which one do you think would be better?
    thanks for replies
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