I've got an HP XW4600 workstation and I plan on continuing to run WinXP. It's currently got a 7200rpm 160gb seagate.

I run Most adobe apps, Office07, etc and WITHOUT considering raid, I'm after increasing XP/office load timeas much as possible.

I realize SAS is meant for servers but I can get a deal on an EA330AA HP 147GB SAS 3GB/S 15K drive and the LSI SAS3041E-HP 4-Port PCI-E SAS/SATA RAID Controller for approx $225.00

The new WD 10k Velociraptor for approx. $160.00

At these prices cost isn't an issue. Question is, would the SAS setup blow away the Raptor or just eek out a win by a nose; considering my setup.

Thanks in advance for ANY feedback.
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  1. The SAS should give you noticeably faster application load times because it's higher spin rate ought to translate to shorter access times. But it still won't come close to an SSD.
  2. Thanks sminlal

    $SD isn't in my budget

    Forgot to mention the workstation is a Core 2 Duo E8600 3.33Ghz w/4gigs Ram

    When you say faster load times, are you referring to SAS vs Raptor or SAS vs my current 7200rpm drive?
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    15K SAS would be faster than 10K Raptor, which would be faster than a standard 7200 drive.
  4. Just to follow-up

    Installed the HP drive which is a Fujitsu MBA3147RC (a bit old I know) with an LSI3041 controller and decided to go with Win7 :whistle:

    Glad I chose the SAS 'cause anything slower would be a disappointment.

    Of course there are a few issues and I'll be posting those in a new thread.
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