CPU Temp and Core temp discrepency

Last night I pushed my overclock up on my Q6600 G0 to 3.0 Ghz and ran an hour of Prime95. I was pleased to see CPU temp (using Everest) stable at 43 degrees.

But then I noticed the core temps were quite a bit higher than that - each one was about 60 degrees, +/- 2 degrees.

I've read there's typically a 5 degree difference between Core temp and CPU temp - does that mean my CPU temp is mis-calibrated and is actually about 55 degrees?

It wouldn't indicated that my cooler is improperly mounted, would it?

Here's the rest of my system details:

Ambient = 27c (rough guess)
Chipset= x38
CPU = Q6600
CPU Cooler = Arctic Cooling Freezer 7
Frequency = 3.0 ghz
Load = Prime95 = 1 hour
Motherboard = Asus P5E
Stepping = G0
Vcore setting = 1.25 volts
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  1. Depends on which tools you are using to measure the temp's.
    Have a read of this thread:

    My advice is - if you are unsure about the reliability of your temp. readings, then trying using a laser based thermometer and take readings from the top of the heat sink itself or directly from the CPU's thermal spreader if you can get a clear line of sight with the laser.

    For me - I use a combination of BIOS measurements and 3rd party tools - they're very, very close in readings, so it that's good enough for me (as I'm not pushing my CPU to its thermal limits).

    Do some reading on the temp. variations though and you'll see there can be quite a bit of variation between tools. Look at what tools are most highly recommended by others and stick with those.

    Try Coretemp and compare its readings to those in your BIOS:
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