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I just installed new RAM in my computer. The RAM (below) is 800Mhz CL5. My mobo only supports 533Mhz. It didn't boot upon first installation, so I changed the frequency to 400Mhz. It boots well now and my monitoring software says that it's running at 400Mhz CL3. Is 533Mhz CL5 faster or is 400Mhz CL3 faster? Should I try to get it to work at 533Mhz or is it fine. Also, does this sound like the RAM may have a problem?

RAM: 2x1GB OCZ Gold DDR2 800Mhz CL5 @ 1.8v
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  1. As a quick generalization, every 133-150Mhz change in your RAM frequency is roughly equivalent to one stop of CAS Latency in the access time of your data. As such, your RAM running at 400Mhz CL3 will return data faster than when it runs at 500Mhz CL5. You should try and manually set the speed, timings and voltage in the BIOS if possible.

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  2. So, you're saying that I probably shouldn't mess with it unless I think I can get it up to 533Mhz without changing the CL? I have an ECS PT890T-A Motherboard with very limited bios options.

    And this is probably my cheap mobo fault or my lack of knowledge, not a problem with the memory?
  3. I think that he is saying, don't worry don't matta. ;)
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