Need some opinions on this build

Ok, so this is gonna be my first I'm going to build, and I don't want to mess anything up on it. I just need some opinions on. Also, I need some people to suggest a good HDD and an optical drive, and if they will fit.

Oh yeah, budget is 1000 dollars.

Mobo- -$135

Case- -$70

CPU Fan- -$35

CPU- -$190

GPU- -$100

RAM- -$95 ---> anyone suggest any cheaper ram that is 2X2 that can fit in my mobo?

PSU- -$105

HDD- -$75

Optical- -$25

Total so far is 830 dollars. If there's anything thats good to upgrade, please tell.
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  1. If I were building with your budget....

    Mobo - Gigabyte P45-DS3L ~$120

    Case - Same

    CPU cooler - Xigmatek HDT-S1283 ~$36
    Cools far better than the Zalman 9500. Check out reviews.

    CPU - Same

    GPU - ATI Radeon HD4870 ~$270

    RAM - I love my A-Data 2x2 kit, but you will probably want something higher end with your budget. I would get a DDR2-800 kit by G. Skill or Corsair. ~$70-100

    PSU - Change it to a Corsair 550 VX or 650 TX. The GameXStream is probably a great PSU, but I would go with Corsair: SeaSonic internals (unmatched reliability) and their excellent warranty. ~$100

    HDD - Seagate 7200.11 500 GB ~$100

    Optical - I love my Samsung DVD-RW - ~$25 on Newegg.

    You should end up at just about EXACTLY your budget.

    Good luck!
  2. Hey, thanks for the advice dude, but I'm just wondering if I get 2 8800 gt's, is the 550 Watts gonna cut it?
  3. I dont think 550W PSU would cover it, I think you should at least step it up to 650 to 700W if you are going to do so.
  4. Definitely. Corsair's PSU's are the best. It has something like 41 A on the single 12v rail, which is comfortably above the requirement for an SLI system, as is the 550 watt rating.
  5. Ok, so i should definately get a good quality corsair psu at about 700 watts just to be safe.
  6. I am almost positive that the 550 would do the trick...

    If you insist, the 650 TX is an awesome PSU as well. Anything more would be unnecessary/overkill.
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