Asus P5E bios reset & can't load windows

I accidentally put my computer in sleep mode and i couldn't get it out of it. I turned my computer on and off. When windows booted it said, "overclocking failed". It restarted again and when i checked windows, my q6600 processor went back to 2.4ghz. i had clocked it earlier to 2.7ghz without any trouble. Now when i start the computer, it will go through the POST and then goes to the Windows Vista load screen, after 3 seconds the computer restarts again. I'm assuming that there was a setting or a couple of settings thats been reset on my mobo that is affecting windows boot up. I've tried other hard drives with windows and it gives the same problem.

My specs are: Asus P5E mobo
Intel q6600
4Gb Crucial Ballistix Tracer Ram
2 x Hd4870 1gb
1 x WD Caviar 500gb
Windows Vista Utimate

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the mobo. My PSU is working fine, everything is POSTing, its just that when it attempts to load windows, it restarts. I can't start in safe mode because it gives me the same result. if anyone can help, it would be appreciated.
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  1. clear the CMOS. Take out the battery on the mobo or find the jumper to do it in your manual
  2. I have a cleared the cmos and removed the battery. I've done it twice. Still the same problem. I attempt to re-install windows, but the drive took so long to even read the cd. Now i'm assuming theres something wrong with the Sata controller.
  3. you say it POSTs

    one short beep and thats all?
  4. Try increasing the mem voltage and cpu voltage by 1 step

    Run memtest to see if thats the problem

    Download and run a hard drive test (gotten from your hard drive vendor) to see if thats the problem
  5. I've managed to fix the problem. I re-installed windows despite the long wait and it was able to load all the way after. I placed only 2 ram sticks in and it booted fine. Then I placed 4 and it stopped again. Then I replaced the 4 ram sticks and it reboots fine now. No problem anymore.

    to Outlander: Yes it POSTs. Beeps and everything, the problem always started during Windows load bar. As soon as the bar pops up and 3 seconds pass, the whole computer would reboot.

    I figured that it was the OS because all the other sources of error were elimated such as HD failure (it was spinning and i managed to transfer the files in my other comp), mobo (it ran the posts and all the settings were correct), PSU (everything lit up, everything spun). By process of elimanation it was the OS left.

    I have no idea what possibly happened. Maybe during the sleep mode and restarting it, the OS must have gotten corrupt or reconfigured so that it wouldn't completely load. In any case, i'm happy it was the just the OS.

    Thanks for all the help and advice.
  6. sounds like the ram could still be a problem. Put in all 4 sticks and run memtest86+ for a few hours to make sure they are all stable. You might still have a bad stick or ram in there, or they might not be getting enough voltage. Better to be safe then sorry
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