ABIT AV8 Won't Boot

CPU: AMD 64 4000

Im having a problem with booting up my old computer I left with my mom. Apparently it first did the beep thing when it worked, but I cant figure that out because now it wont turn on at all. She said she took it somewhere and they put a new heatsink/cpu fan in it, but im not sure if that fixed the original problem of the beep. Im guessing they looked up the beep and determined that the CPU was overheating?

Here is where I am at now: The computer wont turn on at all. The AC2003 POST code reads 0.2. which I dont know what it means since its not in the list. When i hit the PSU on-switch the POST goes to 3 for about one second then goes straight to 0.2.
I hit the power button and nothing happens. I've unplugged and replugged every connection and double checked them all. The LED on the motherboard shows that the PSU is "connected with power supply". I though it might simply be the button to turn it on but i switched the reset and power connectors, hit the reset button, and still nothing happens. Any ideas?
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  1. Before you waste any money on your system, determine whether the cpu actually overheated (by a broken heatsink clip, etc). You can still find a few socket 939 cpus and motherboards, at places such as ebay or computer geeks. Personally, I would salvage what you can, and check slickdeals or fatwallet for complete system deals, and jump on one in the next few days. I got my pc for $199 last may. You might have to forget about your agp video card when you upgrade, and try selling it.
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