Check my Game Server Specs please

Hello again..

Alright to start it off I was thinking today that I play games, I pay for my server and I don't want to do that anymore. I have a friend whos good with setting up servers with Windows 2003 Server and I just need the box. So I want to be able to run a 32slot Day of Defeat Source 100tick server and then run a Garry's Mod 21 slot 100tick.

My planned Specs are:

Processor: Q6700 stock cooled by
Graphics: onboard
RAM: 3gb 337mhz
Optical Drive: CD/DVD-Rom
PSU: 400watt standard, nothing special
connected with Ethernet cable
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  1. For a server I would recommend getting the Xeon over the Kentsfield. I have ran a game server company for some time, and thats what I can best recommend as I liked them much better on a server operating system, but I can't really comment on that as I have never ran a Kentsfield on a server operating system, but I still believe the Xeon will be better for you.

    But I will be perfectly honest I dont think you will be able to run a DoD: Source & a Garry's Mod especially at a 100 tick with only that much ram, you will get into some pretty hairy spots where your players are gonna feel it.
  2. better if i put another gig of the same ram in?
  3. Also..the Xeon is a Server Processor would it be compatible with my motherboard? if not then thats out of the question.
  4. I'll be honest I do doubt that it will work. If you cant make invest the extra 70$ for a server motherboard, then don't worry about investing into the Xeon side. The Kentsfield should work fine.

    Those hard drives, I wouldn't trust those. If they came out of the original xbox I believe they are 5400 RPM drives. As you don't need much space with a game server box I would still take the step towards a little higher quality and a bit more space.
  5. ok ill probably end up going for the 40gig 36$ hdd just because its that much better.

    so ill have 4gigs of 337mhz ram? would that work fine?
  6. It should work fine, I don't see any issues with it not working for ya. Just out of curiosity although, whats your connection speed? Running 53 slots @ 100 tickrate isn't a cakewalk for any home-based connection.
  7. Sorry, I don't know where to find that
  8. Go to and post your results, I would be curious to see.
  9. Yeah dude, no offense but you will not be able to support 53 slots with that connection, yet alone 10 slots.

    Ping: 501 and its within 50 miles, something is seriously wrong there.
  10. You would at least need a 20 Mbit line, or a 30 Mbit line. Any home line at the speed will be very very expensive, unless you are planning to order this server box and put it in a datacenter?
  11. I retested it and i got a big difference
  12. Well still most definitely you will not be able to do any sort of hosting out of your home like you plan on doing, unless you are getting a much much better in-home connection as far as uploads go.
  13. Okay well if that is not an option how do I order a server and put it in a dataserver?
  14. Well if you do purchase that server box, you will then need to look into a place to put the server. If you live in a city or somewhere near a city for example, New York, not quite sure where you live, you would need to make arrangements to get rackspace from them.

    You are looking at anywhere from 50$ a month to 200$ a month to get rackspace on a 100Mbit line inside a quality datacenter.
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