Trying to make a choice between these two cards. Any input?

So im assembling a system and im trying to figure which card would be worth picking up. Here are the following: and

Now I'd like to know which card would be a better fit for my system, I dont have an issue spending an extra 50 bucks on the 4870 if it will give me a significant advantage over the 4850, however if its negligible id like to save the money and go with the 4850. What do you guys think.

Asus P5Q Pro p45
Core2Duo E8500 Woldfdale
Corsair CMPSU 750tx
Mushkin 4GB ddr2 800
Apevia X Juptier ATX full tower
2 WD Caviar 650gb HD's
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  1. The 4870 has a significant gain from the 4850. However, depending on what you need and what your budget is, something like this is a significantly cheaper 4850 than the one you listed, and has a great cooler too.
  2. alone in the dark isn't a game. its bloatware

    but yeah if you can, might as well get the 4870... depends on what your budget is

    dont fall for the 'more memory = better perforamce' hype... only true on resolutions above 1920x1200, and minimal to insignificant on anything lower..even if you do run at that res, 4870 would still be the better choice

    if you have the money you could wait for the 4870 toxic edition... nice quiet cooler from what ive read
  3. or

    That's for 1680x1050 and lower res. Those cards have improved design and coolers for a cheap price. I have that Sapphire and it's amazing compared to the previous one (a friend has it). It's a little smaller, uses 2 slots and is a lot cooler/quiet.

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