New Power Supply, should I still try and use it?

Hi, I received a new power supply today - a Thermaltake purepower 500w. Now as you do when you get a new PSU I rolled the unit around in the air to see if anything was loose inside the unit. I heard what I thought was a screw so I took the fan guard off and had a peak inside and saw something flashy rolling around in the unit. After getting it out (I didn't want to take the unit completely apart since then I couldn't return it if need be...instead I sorta played that game where you try and get a steel ball through the hole, you know the one)
I find its a globule of solder that a machine probably dropped inside when it was pulling away after soldering some part to the little board or whatever. Anyway the globule is free from the tyranny of the box so I guess the units okay to use? Or should I RMA to newegg for an 85% refund and and walk down to the store tomorrow and pick up an Antec or something similar. I imagine its fine and won't fry any components, but I thought I'd check.
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  1. why doncha ya go to thermaltake's site and see what they think,i mean,the unit must come with some kind of my two psu both have a 3 year warranty,and breaking the seal voids said warranty,,OTOH,if it survives the first three weeks it will probably last forever..:)
  2. I'd plug it in and find out if it works , but hey Im like that
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