4870X2 Questions ++ Do I need all tht power !?

I wanna know, 4870X2 (2GB) is to be said as one single card OR two cards incorporated into one?

This card runs like its on an Crossfire ? Does this GPU suffers problems tht all crossfire setup faces(drivers etc) ? – or altogether its just one gpu/card and has got no relation to crossfire… ?

Second, I play all latest games and would like to enjoy tham with everything to high at 1280x1024 resolution (this is what my monitor outputs)… so 4870 512mb will be enough or shall I still go for 4870X2 version ? Money is not an issue – and I knw 4870X2 is based on next generation GDDR5.

And finally, 4870 & 4870X2 current users, please can anyone measure and tellme how long these cards are in exact….
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  1. hey i got a 4870x2 and for the resolution you play at i recon it would be overkill. a 4870 would be far better.

    the card is very big, 10.5" i think, not 100% sure though. it also runs very hot.
  2. At that res, even a 4870 is overkill, lol.

    Just get a 4850 if you don't plan on getting a bigger screen. It will fit your needs perfectly :)


    PS: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102770
  3. Get the 4870 1GB, or the 4850 1GB. At that resolution you're not going to get much benefit from a 4870X2 right now over a 4870. Basically that card is two 4870 1GBs in Crossfire with an extra internal connector to provide more bandwidth.
  4. Yeah, the 1GB 4870 looks pretty sweet. The X2 would be overkill for that monitor.
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