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I have a Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E4300 1.8Ghz on a Asus P5VD2-X. The computer runs stable at 2.01 ghz but my question is. what kind of temps should i not go above. like when i run wow its around 138-141F on each core.. (between 58-61c Give or take). is this ok?
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  1. Yes, those are good load temps. If you are worried about CPU temps, go into the BIOS (PC Health) and set the thermal alarm to 70 C.
  2. im using speedfan 4.39 to monitor the temps and i will do that in the bios. Now when i overclocked my cpu it seems to change the ram speed it was ddr 533 now its around 570-580. this wont harm my ram will it? could i go slightly higher or should i stay at the speed i stated?
  3. probably what you have done is overclock the motherboard (by increasing the FSB, which is the standard way to overclock a system). The effect of overclocking the motherboard is to increase the speed of every component running off the motherboard, that includes the cpu and the ram. the problem is that the ram cannot go very much faster before it craps out. To compensate, the ram should be 'underclocked'. This can be done by changing a setting in the bios to make the ram go slower.
  4. ill keep trying. seems everything i try the ram still wont underclock back to its norm.
  5. yeh seems when i increase the speed of the cpu my ram clock goes up. I cant really find anything helpfull to counter this for my board. it runs stable but i really do not want to burn the ram out. the clock speed of the ram is definatly around 580 from its norm 533. temp wise my cpu went from 107 deg idle to 114f and under load 138-140 F quite a bit under the 70c mark
  6. Your not going to burn out your ram by upping the frequency unless you add more voltage. Worst case Scenario is you will be a little unstable. Check for stability with prime 95 blend test for ram, and small for cpu. Memtest is also great for checking memory.
  7. do a google search e.g. 'overclocking Asus P5VD2-X' or something similar, that should return enough results to give you some idea if anyone else has had the same problem with that board and if it can be resolved or not. It will involve doing a bit of reading and research but that is what is needed to reduce the risk of doing damage to your system.
  8. overclocking using a crap board with a crap via chipset is a nightmare - goodluck

    on the other hand it should reach 1066mhz fsb speeds to make your cpu run at ~2.4, remember to set your ram to 1:1
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