What kind of performance to expect?

What kind of performance should i expect from 3x 80GB 10k Raptors in RAID0, i don't want flaming in this thread about MTBF, I'm not interested in telling me failure rates. I just want to know in real life situations, like how fast would windows 7 x64 load, on a decent PC. Also any guesses on MB/s for file transfers.
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  1. Build one and let us know. Every PC is going to be different. To many variables to consider like are you using an onboard raid controller or an add on card. I7 proc or an I3 proc, 2 GB, 4 GB or 6 GB of memory.
    It will be fast but still the slowest component in the computer.
  2. Buy an SSD. :). 3 raptors in RAID0 gives you what? A more or less unreliable 240GB disk that performs 'ok' - for alot of money. While with a smaller SSD you have something that performs 'fantastic' and costs the same - you would lose on some space however.

    Still i think its wrong to use expensive HDDs to get a high I/O performance storage setup these days - that's where SSDs are for. Use 5400rpm HDDs instead to store your bulky files - makes much more sense to me.
  3. The machine could be expected to boot maybe twice as fast, perhaps a bit more but, unless running very unique database, video rendering or other specialized programs the RAID 0 won't provide any significant performance increase in any program or game that is used by 95% of the computer using population.
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