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Upper Lower filters

Hi guys I'm having the same problem, I have followed the steps given:

Start the Run Command Prompt

Type in "regedit" without the parrenthesis then click ok






Then find {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

The whole thing looks like this:

Then delete the upper and lower filters....


When I get to Then find
There are no Upper or Lower filters
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  1. The filters won't be there if certain other settings got changed. the goal is to delete them so it's okay if they're not there... they've already been removed for you.

    I tried the same fix for a missing optical drive and it didn't work, sounds like it's not happening for you either. Good luck with it, I've yet to find a true fix.
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    In the registry you should find several entry’s with the name {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} it is very important that you chose the right one as deleting the upper lower filters for the wrong entry will trash your windows installation. Are you sure that you looked into the right entry and for the right drive? As some will not have upper and lower filters in them.
  3. I did find the lower filter and removed it . . . Thank you
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  5. After following your formula exactly, i.e., run Com Prompt, go through steps in "regedit" to locate and delete associated upper and lower filters, then restarting PC (BTW, OS is W7Pro), PC needed a "restore" entry, rebooted and back to exactly what was before. In other words, I found and deleted upper and lower filters, restarted PC but it wanted to "restore" rather than normal start up so in effect I deleted the problem then restored the PC to a time before the delete defeating the very effort I needed.

    My professional at a PC repair shop says he has software to fix the problem in 10 minutes. I'm sure he does, and I'm also sure he downloaded that software from some MS site that if I knew the URL to I could do the same thing - only cheaper.

    A snapshot: I had a new motherboard installed, upgraded from WXP SP3 to W7Pro, brought the PC home and began "reloading" all the sofware the "professional" was supposed to save B4 changing the motherboard and didn't. Half way through the process my two CD-ROM drives simply vanished on "my Computer" as if they were physically removed from the machine. All the "at home" fixes were exhausted such as making sure all IDE connections were tight and where they should be. Now I'm taking the PC back to this professional to fix a problem that never should have happened. Without my "D" and E" drives my PC is useless to me.

    One fix I could entertain is to go back to WXP SP3 and that should take care of these annoying W7Pro issues that Mac users are laughing at me about right now. Not an option. So it's either back to the repair shop - or - someone reading this will be PC savvy enough to point me to the exact location of a path to fix the lst upper and lower filter problems and be done with it.

    Thanks :ange:
  6. The Microsoft link to fix this problem is here

    It gives a button that automatically fixes the problem

    Remember Google is your friend
  7. I have followed the same instructions and see no filters. If there are no filters, it suppose to work, right? My cd rom still isn't fixed!
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