.mkv stutters w/ radeon 3200hd

No player can read the 720p.hdtv.x264 files. it stutters and lag. the sound is great but images doesn't follow.
I tried: VLC/VMC, ZoomPlayer, Mediaplayer classic, all the vistashit stuff, CCCP, i've updated everything, I tried working it to use only 1 cpu and the other, can't find anything...
The files runs good on my desktop, even if it's less powerfull than the laptop...
any ideas ?

I'm running on a hp pavillon tx2524, 4gig, amd X2 1.9ghz and ATI radeon 3200hd.
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  1. Check cpu load. If it's 100%, it's cpu lag. Keep in mind that video card does not decode hd/x264. The newer ones provide acceleration and takes some load off, but decoding is still primarily cpu. It's decompression of compressed data, not graphics display.
  2. no, the further it goes is 70%...
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