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I have a 300GB SATA HDD as my main windows (c:\) drive, but I'm adding a 1TB drive in the near future.
My question is this: Can I install games, & applications on the secondary drive & if so, will there be a performance hit for doing so?
I've tried googling it & I cant seem to find any 1st hand experience with this that's relatively recent. I really dont want to do another clean install of windows on the new drive if I can get around it, but I will if I have to.
Any insight would be really appreciated.
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    yes, you can install on a 2nd drive. It will probably show as your "e" drive - just change the destination when you install (may need to go to "custom" depending on the software). I do this all the time.

    There shouldn't be a performance hit, in fact if the HDD is faster than the 300 you may see things faster (2 drives, less contention, denser storage is faster, etc). For better results, make a 2-300GB partition to start with, this will let you use the other chunk of your drive 1st
  2. Thanks, that's exactly what I was hoping to hear.
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  4. Your system will be faster of you clone the 300 GB to the 1000 GB as that 300 GB prolly has a few years on it w/ lower areal density. This will outweigh any performance advantage you could get from splitting the work between two drives of the same speed as, for example, having the page file on a separate drive.
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