Computer restarts on its own

Hey guys my pc restarts on its own, it's pretty old.
I have a primary drive and the OS is installed on it.
Could i make the primary drive a secondary drive, and get a new hard drive and install the OS on that one, making it the new primary drive.

Would that solve the whole restarting issue ?
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  1. So when it restarts, does it do the whole windows is saving your setting and Windows is shutting down.
    or does it just go from windows right to the post screen (like your hit the reset button on your case)
  2. yeah the latter
  3. Sounds like it is most likely a hardware problem, But it could be software, Spontaneous reboots are the worst because it can be almost any thing, bad ram, motherboard, Powersupply, bad drivers. Usually if it is bad software you will get a blue screen as well.
    My experience Spontaneous reboots is has been ram or power supply that is bad.
    If it is super old (5 years+) I would recommend just getting a new computer. even a new cheap $300 computer would kick on old computer's butt. And safe you a head ache of trying to trouble shoot the problem.

    As far as the hard drive question, yes you can do that. There is a chance it would fix it, if it is a software problem and not a hardware.
  4. Alright cool man,
    Thanks for the help.

    It's my old computer, i just bought a new computer a few months ago.
    So i can't really afford another one.

    I shall come back if it's not a software problem.
  5. OH WAIT,

    what if it's a virus?
    I've tried starting it up in safe mode, but it still restarts on me.

    Does anyone know how i can get rid of it if it is a virus ?
  6. ostrich2 said:
    OH WAIT,

    what if it's a virus?
    I've tried starting it up in safe mode, but it still restarts on me.

    Does anyone know how i can get rid of it if it is a virus ?

    I don't think viruses can do a hard restart like that.
    But if it is a virus then reinstalling windows will remove it.

    Oyeah over heating can also cause a reset. (if the computer gets to hot, it will reset it self to prevent hardware damage
    clean out all of the dust and crap that can get trapped inside a case. If you have them use a can a compressed air or air-compressor works wonders for cleaning out dust.
  7. There is a malware guide in my signature to remove viruses. Though, I don't think that's your problem.

    You said you just purchased a new computer. Take the PSU out of that computer, and put it in your old one. That will test to see if it's a PSU problem or not (which would be my guess).
  8. ^agreed, assuming of course it is the proper wattage and what not. You could pick up a PSU tester from Best Buy or Fry's. Simple to use and you can look up the correct voltages online but most testers will sound an alarm if there is a bad rail or low/high voltage.
  9. I did that before,
    and it blue screened on me.

    My friend has something to test the wattage, but he says that I need to disconnect something like a 2nd hard drive to discern whether or not it's a PSU issue.

    Will a PSU tester automatically give a signal(like beep) if there's something wrong with the PSU ?
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