Have to help window find wireless network?

I have a laptop running win xp pro it has an Atheros wireless card. the problem is window won't find any networks, but Atheros has an utility I installed it and it finds the networks but won't connect? OK here is what I have to do, after the computer is booted I right click the icon in the bottom right corner for the Atheros and tell it to look for networks and let it look for a few sec then tell it to let windows do it then it finds them and connects just fine. my question is there a setting to correct this. I want it to work like my other laptops they have vista and they just find and connect to my wireless just fine all I have to do is turn them on. this computer did have vista on it when I got it and the wireless worked just fine then, but it was way to slow for vista and it has a service tag for win xp pro so that is what I put on it.

any help would be nice, and feel free to ask me any info that might help you to help me

thanks, tony
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  1. any ideas guys??
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