9950 system hangs-HELP!

k9a2 plat mb
amd 9950 black 3.2ghz
2gig 800/2x1g 667...4g total
500w psu
8600gt 512
vista x32 basic

Just Upgraded to the k9a2 and 9950 from an asus m2vm-v 5000+ 2.7ghz
and my system is actually slower..... experienceing alot of system hangs in simple tasks suck as right clicking to bring up properties box for network connections...

Any help as to what could be the problem or "bottle neck" would be greatly appreciated.

overclocking isnt the problem. Same results with cpu set to default/ @3.2ghz temp 37c idle 42c load.

updating vista to x64 ultimate tonight and have 4 2gig ocz 1066 on the way and will upgrade gpu to 4870x2 in 2 weeks... my guess its either the odd mem setup i have, psu wattage to small, or the 32bit op sys????
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  1. did u reinstall the Operating system after the upgrade, if not this could be a contribution to ur problem.

    The Memory could be an issue because of the difference in speeds.

    Is the memory set at 800 in the Bios as this could be O\C the 667 ram and causing instability,

    what brand of PSU have u got, as 500 should be enough although depending on brand and quality, more power will be required with the 4870x2

    These can all have factors in ur issues.
  2. Since you're about to do fresh OS install anyways thats good. If you havent already make sure you got the latest bios for your board. Also ddr2 677 is terrible for a phenom system.

    So after the clean install to vista 64 bit and new ram you should be good.
  3. the memory o/c is left on auto....the 2 667 are runninng at 667 and the 800 is set to 800

    PSU is coolmaster (not sure on model)

    did not reinstall op sys.....only replaced cpu and mb so far.....mb drivers up to date....vista auto installed 9950

    *edit- also my hd is nearly full 16g/160g left but was the same with the 5000+ 2.7ghz (no sys hangs) so i dont think this is the issue. Basically if its not the mem or the x32 os then im thinking i may have a bad 9950x4.

    Just trying to get a verification while im at work before i waste my time "relax time and/or money", at home, if its my cpu bad or setup that is causing the cpu to hang my system...Thxz
  4. I agree. You should remove the DDR2-667.
  5. still, a fresh install could be required as u replaced the Mobo,

    Get rid of the 667 ram, have the 1066 ram u r getting shortly downgraded to 800 to be safe.

    good luck
  6. A reinstall of the operating system is recommended because you changed chipsets.
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