Intel SSD and Deepfreeze

I own an Intel SSD X25-M 80 Gb with latest firmware and Toolbox. For years I have used Faronics Deep Freeze on various OS, including Win7.

Since I installed Win7 on the ssd in combination with Deep Freeze the following happens: after freezing and/or thawing the C: partition Firefox acts weird: when started up it goed to the "just-installed-page" instead of my usual homepage. Also Newsleecher is affected: It says that it is not registered (which is not true) and if I enter the registration a very short message says it can't be written to disk and advises me to use admin mode, in which I am. Deep Freeze is not the problem because I tried other programs with exact the same result ( Drive Vaccine, Rollback RX, SoMoDo, Returnil).

Any ideas??
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  1. I don't have an SSD but I suspect it has something to do with the wear leveling on the drive. I use similar programs and I have wondered if it they would work on an SSD. Anyone with experience on this please chime in.
  2. The drive firmware should hide wear leveling from the OS and drivers - it should behave just like an ordinary drive as far as the software is concerned.

    I'm not saying that some software wouldn't be more adverse in terms of it's effect on how well the wear leveling succeeds at evenly distributing the writes across all of the memory cells, but that should be hidden by the drive and the software should see it as just a collection of numbered blocks just like a hard drive is.

    The only think I can think of that might cause issues is if the software was somehow time-dependent - the extremely fast access times of an SSD could potentially trip up software that expected I/Os to last longer.
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