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Hey all, was wondering if someone could answer a quick question I have. Im installing windows xp on an older ASUS motherboard that supports sata. I bought a sata HD and I know that when windows starts installing I need to put a floppy disk in with the drivers and have it install them. Anyways I have a older 1.44mb floppy drive, so I downloaded the sata/raid driver from the asus website and the whole file is about 6mb. Anyways the floppy disk drive wont work in my other computer for some reason, it powers on and everything but it just wont show up. I was going to use a friends computer to use the raid/sata driver and use the Make driver disk, but Im wondering if a floppy disk will have enough space on it from the 1.44mb floppy drive to even work?

So yeah, mainly my question is do I need to buy a new internal floppy drive? Or can I get a floppy disk that will hold the 6mb sized driver and work with the 1.44mb one I have.

Thanks and sorry for makin it so long
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  1. I thin kit's an App with the Asus one's isn't it?

    If it is just drop the Floppy in the drive, and then run the app. If it isn't then just use the contents of the folder that applies to the OS you are using.
  2. If you arent using RAID you should be able to enter the bios and change the SATA mode to IDE (IDE emulation) which will let XP setup detect the drive no issues no driver required.
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