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I am trying for a few days now to over clock my PC, each time playing with different parameter in order to get a successful over clocking, but apparently I'm doing something wrong. My specs are:

Motherboard - GA-K8NF9 ULTRA
Processor - AMD ATHLON 64 X2 4200
Graphic card - Radeon HD4850
OS Windows 7

Is there anyone that can guide me through the OC?
I only succeed going from 200MHZ to 210MHZ, and once went up to 240mhz, but then changed something else and PC was unstable.

Appreciate your comments

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    Firts, you need disable the C'n'Q, after, read this:,2396.html

    the article was made with a X3 710, but with lock multiplier (like your CPU). So, read this and if you have some question write here.

    P.D. Keep in mine that, with lock multiplier, if you rise the reference clock, also rise the HT link and memory frecuency. So, be carefull.
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