Noctua and haf922 question

hi i got a cooler master haf 922 and noctua nh-u12p with push and pull... Right now i am getting pretty stable at 4.0ghz with 200x20 (i7 860 with gigabyte p55a-ud4p) and 1.29v but temp is little higher than i would like..(hitting 86c on few occations)
Right now i am pushing air out of top fan which i thought it would give me better result since hot air moves upward.
Do you think i would get a better result if i set up the noctua more conventional way (pushing the air out of rear fan) than pushing the air to the top fan?
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  1. The classic airflow and cooling configuration is intake cool air at the bottom front of the case and exhaust warm air out the rear and top of the case. Works good!
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