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Hello, I'm just after a bit of help please I am not sure which product would be the better one to buy the (Samsung 22X External USB 2.0 DVD-Writer SE-S224Q/EUBN)

or the (External Pioneer DVR118 DVD Writer 22X USB E-SATA) any help would be much appreciated thanks
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  1. I'd go with the Pioneer.
  2. I personally look for drives that can do error scans so I can find out how good the burns are. Just playing the burned disk tells you nothing since the ECC codes can correct errors. The disk can appear to play perfectly while underneath the hood the there are so many errors that the ECC logic is just barely able to reconstruct the data, and any further degradation means your data is gone.

    The last drive I bought that has error scanning capability is the LiteOn IHAS422.
  3. lite on here also!nice drives!
  4. Plextor 716, Plextor 755, Samsung DVD writers (last 3 Bought.) Have several others, all still working. Liteon has dropped from my shopping list when looking for a DVD drive.

    Blue- ray LG H20L and Just got the Pioneer. (Not a lot of difference, Pioneer faster on "Good" -r media. Both the same for -re

    sminal - a minor registry hack allowed nero to do dvd disk scans on samsung (reason I got it) The Plextror 755 is my primary drive for checking DVD disk quality (using Plextools)
  5. RetiredChief said:
    sminal - a minor registry hack allowed nero to do dvd disk scans on samsung (reason I got it)
    I'd be very interested in any information you have or could point me to regarding that hack.
  6. Siminlal
    Do a regedit and a find for "SAMSUNG,TSST"

    My vista shows Block "SAMSUNG,TSST,HL-DT,PLEXTOR"
    I took my samsung drive out a year, year and a halve, ago and reloaded Nero so never redid the hack - Use my plextor for quality scans.

    Will see if I can find source.
  7. Quote
    Some drives simply do not support disc quality scans. Others, like some Samsung models, can do the tests, but are blocked in the registry from using the program. (an easy fix by the way)
    End quote
  8. > Do a regedit and a find for "SAMSUNG,TSST"

    I see it. Are you saying that if I just remove, say, "SAMSUNG" from this string then NERO will be able to do an error scan with a Samsung drive? That will be very handy to know about then next time I'm looking for a DVD drive.

    Thanks for the follow-up!
  9. Remove both SAMSUNG and TSST
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