Some thoughts on my build!

Ok here is my current setup:

DFI Lanparty DK x38 T2R
Intel e8400 3.0GHz
Gigabyte 8800GT Turbo Force
Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 (4x1GB)
Antec earthwatts 500W
WD Caviar 320GB 7200rpm HDD
Rosewill R-218-P-BK ATX Mid Tower
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro

Here are the upgrades I'm considering:

Rosewill Conqueror WBK Triple 120mm ATX Mid Tower
(combo deal with)
Rosewill 750W ATX12V v2.2
VisionTek Radeon HD 4870 512MB
G.SKILL DDR2 1066 (2x2GB) - for overclocking the e8400

Total cost after shipping and rebates: $537.75

So here are my questions:

First off, in general what do you all think of the new build? Solid? Lacking? Any opinions are appreciated.

Second, is the 4870 a good choice for a GPU upgrade? Anyone a better idea?

Third, do I even need to upgrade the PSU? Could the earthwatts squeek by?

And finally, the mobo's memory standard is DDR2 800...could it even use the higher frequency memory? Would I need a new board if I wanted to go this route?

Thanks in advance for reading/replying!
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  1. I'd say don't get the Rosewill power supply, keep your Antec earthwatt 500watt, Keep your memory, you can already overclock with it 9*400= 3600...this is already a good overclock i think. Even at 3ghz...its good enought for most task. The only worth upgrade in this system is the videocard and maybe the case...(if too small to fit a big video card). If i was you i would even keep the videocard a bit longer and wait for the price of videocard to go down a bit (8800gt is not that bad) but since i don't know what kind of game u play or want to play, it's up to you.
  2. The EA500W is not enough, but there is a sweet deal on a PSU TODAY ONLY:

    That one will cover it. Do not get the Rosewill. Junk. If you want a decent 750 get the Corsair 750TX.

    The case looks cramped and the two front fans look choked off by a lot of solid metal behind them. Save a few bucks and get an Antec 300, or:

    You can overclock your CPU to a 400 FSB with your current RAM. 3.6ghz.
  3. this is a good place to go to find out your wattage needs the 500w is good
    the 4870 is a sweet card if you want it the 4850 is the best performance/price 1066 would help but not much

    that is a nice build
  4. Agreed - don't get the new PSU. Another +1 to keeping the RAM.

    The only possible upgrade I would say is the GPU

    I wouldn't put the EA500W on a 4870... ATI won't even certify it and they'll certify anything.
  6. The HD 4870 is a very good upgrade.

    +1 for the Corsair 750TX, especially if you want a second video card later. Your x38 MB is already perfect for Crossfire.
  7. Look at this test (in french)

    According to this test.. even with 2 ati 4850... with a high end quad core qx9650 the power need is not greater than 256w (300w at the wall).

    The earthwatt is rated 17a on v1 and 17 on v2... so even if we say the ps can only supply 25a on the 12v.... 25*12=300 watts.... so the ps can deliver enough power for the whose system...even if it was pulled entirely from the 12v. The 4850 take around 110watts max... so in this system the graphics card can use as much as 220watts. In our case we speak of only one 4870 so i guess around 130 -140watt...

    If a system with two video card and with twice the cpu core use 256w... im pretty sure he is fine with the antec 500w even my 25a guess on the 12v line is enough. I would not say the same with a cheaper no name power supply... but with this antec...i think he is fine.
  8. I've seen similar results in English :)

    I'm not deterred. I've been around these forums a while now and seen too many failed PSUs here. Too many failed PSUs personally.

    There are many other factors to consider when looking at a PSU.
    What will the voltage regulation look like after a year?
    How much noise and heat will be generated at load?

    People keep looking at steady load wattage but don't consider less than optimum conditions and brief load spikes, which seriously degrade PSU longevity.

    I have no problem with an EA500W, I recommend them all the time. I just think it's cutting things too close with a 4870.

    Oh, and the EA happens to have the full 34A on the 12V rails... it's one of the few PSUs where the rated amperage limits on the rails are the same as max amps.
  9. So if we say his system will use 200w approx. that make a load of 40% of ps capacity...with peak at say ...60%....its look fine to me. At 40% i think he is fine with the heat and noise generated... even if he do have a bit more noise when under load (gaming) it will probably not notice since he have the sound of the speaker or headphone to cover it. Id say keep it and get another one in your next upgrade (nehalem or else)

    And with 34a on the say its even better 408w that make him use no more than 40 -45% of the 12v line capacity under full load.

    I don't see how it's cutting thing too close? Maybe with 2 4870 that will be cutting thing a little close on the 12v line....but with only 1, i think he is fine.
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