DVD burner "IDE" detected "sometimes"

Hey guys.
I recently bought a "new" motherboard, Gigabyte p45 DS3. Since buying it my DVD burner is only detected during bootup when it feels like it. at first my SATA HDD was detected instead of the burner in IDE channel 4 and the whole startup would be slooooooow. so i set channel 4 master at "none" instead of "auto" in CMOS and that stopped the HDD from being detected in the wrong channel and i would still get the burner detected every once in awhile.its not the IDE cable or the burner itself thats the problem "ive tied other cables and drives, same problem" and i have tried changing the jumper settings to master,cable select and even slave once "no difference really". so i just wonder what could be causing the drive to "sometimes" be detected? it works perfectly when it´s detected. :S
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  1. maybe a psu problem.
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