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Ok i am building a computer and i want a motherboard that has supports ddr-2 memory (prefer supporting 1066 ddr-2) and is good for ocing. Also i will be ocing the Q6600 or the Q6700 but probably the Q6600. Any suggestions for motherboards would be nice...Did i forget! I am a first time over clocker so i would like the BIOS to be "friendly" to first time over clockers. That is all and have a nice day! XD
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  1. EP45-DS3L
    P5Q Pro
    If on a real budget: EP35-DS3L (Note: There is a very motherboard specific guide for the EP35-DS3L here on the forums written by me. The BIOS settings for the Gigabyte boards are all smiler so you can still use the P35-DS3L OCing guide for help)
  2. I would add Asus P5Q Deluxe and Maximus II Formula, both because they have better 16 phase power designs for overclocking. Asus BIOS is also very easy to use when overclocking.
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