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I have a Shuttle computer running XP that works but I have a problem with the start-up. When I press the button in the front of the computer to start it, the computer makes a noise and most of the time a black screen comes up with a statement about the boot up process. I then press the delete key and it enters the BIOS Configuration screen. I then press F10 to save and the computer sometimes starts or I have to do it again for the computer to go to the start up screen.

I did replace the battery and I just can't figure out this problem. I was wondering if it has to do with the start up priority on devices? I know it might be hard to come up with an answer but it would be nice to fix. Its a secondary computer but I do have some good programs on it.
thanks for your assistance.
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  1. Set the bios for the CD drive as boot device number one. Hard drive number two.
    Do the repair install of XP, which will not wipe your personal files. The directions for a repair are located in this forum, sixth post from the top.
    That will probably fix it.
  2. thanks for the tip, I will try it out
  3. Hi Sound,

    I placed the upgrade disk into the drive and tried to do the repair but it asked for my admin password? I have no clue of what it is, is it the product key? i entered the product key using the hyphens but didnt capitilize the letters. I can't remember the password? what do you suggest?
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