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Worth upgrading an Antec 550w NeoPower to a Corsair 750w for $100?

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November 21, 2008 3:04:21 AM

I have an Athlon system right now and am going to swap the hardware to an Intel Quad Core. In the process, I am wondering if I should upgrade my current PSU which is a tad borderline to a 750w, or save the money? My hardware will be:

Intel Quad Core 45nm Yorkfield 2.66ghz
Gigabyte Mobo
8gb DDR2 RAM
eVGA GTX 260 Core 216
Creative X-Fi Fatality
1x SATA Burner

And I am thinking about using my 90 day step to move to a GTX 260 GX2 as is rumored to release in January.

Will my Antec NeoPower 550w with 3 12v rails with 18 amps per rail do fine? Or will the Corsair 750w with a single 12v 60amp rail be a lot better?

I can't decide, because I feel like I am borderline right now on the PSU, but yet spending $100 to only get 200 more watts and a total of 6 more amps seems a little unncessary, and I would be tempted to get the HX1000 from Corsair, but that won't fit in my case (Antec P180), and then I'd have to buy another case too...

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November 21, 2008 4:49:16 AM

If you are going to be OCing, you might want more than 550w total since you have a lot of HDs in the system. If you are 100% stock you are OK with the 550w. If you go to the GX2 card, you will definitely want the 750w.
November 21, 2008 5:15:50 AM

I think everyone is overating this power issue.

The specs you mention will consume around 350watts at full load - take the effeciency factor into account.. and theres still room.

Heres the power consumption test - note that its the full system load.. not only the card.

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a b ) Power supply
November 21, 2008 10:59:01 AM

You should have no problems with the antec 550 in your current setup; if you feel the itch to spend, wait until black friday, when fry's sells some cases or ps for near $0 after rebate.
November 21, 2008 6:19:56 PM

^Agreed. Those PSU's are typically pretty solid, so you would be fine at your current loads. If you were going to OC either CPU or GPU, I would think about it...