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I just purchased a second hard drive and I was wondering how I can move programs over from my current drive, the C, drive to the new one without having to re-install. I figured i could move the program folders of what i want over to the new one and change the path of the program to where its destination on the new drive but I am not certain. Any idea's on how to do this without having to reinstall everything?

P.s. i don't want to clone my current drive onto the new one, I just want to move games and other programs over

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  1. Ouch. I'm not sure. You'd have to manage to change the registry entries of each thing that's installed (and needs the entry's) in order to be able to do that. (some things like steam don't care about such things)

    If you had made a second partition on your main drive and installed the games there (or had a different hard drive for that) then you could literally add the new hard drive, copy/paste all the folders, and just switch out drive letter names. Same paths, same registry entries. I've done it myself before.
  2. I dont think u can copy ur C drive!
  3. You cannot do this. The games are registered with Windows where you installed them. If you move them, they likely will not work at all, if they do by chance at least launch, they are going to be very, very say the least.
    The best thing to do is find where all your saved games and settings are in each game. Copy those files over and save them. Reinstall your games on the new drive, then copy over the saved game file and settings file inside each of the game folders with your versions of the file.
    That is about the best you can do.
  4. Ok thanks, I guess i could just find the save files and then reinstall the game on the second drive and move the save data over
  5. Would it work if i took all the save data from my games (crysis, crysis warhead and cod:4) and saved them to a seperate folder, then unistalled those games and reinstalled in the other drive and then replace all the original game files in place of the new ones?
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    All current games (or at least most of them) stores your saved games in your Document Folder. Go in it and just copy the relevant game directories on to another hard drive / partition.
  7. that's what my dad said to do lol and it worked
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