Zalman Quad Heatpipe Question

hi, i have a XFX 8600GT o/c version im wanting to add a fan instead of the heatsink i know zalman are good so i picked this

but do i need this aswell ?
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  1. The first line says the ram heatsinks are optional...

    "Optional extra for the VF1000-LED video card cooler"

    From what I have read regarding cooling of video card ram, and even regular ram, it that there isn't really much benefit in having head spreaders. Atleast that is the case when there is a piece of thermal tape between the heat sink and video card ram. That one you linked to looks pretty fancy, but I wouldn't bother.
  2. no im pretty sure thats just an add on. the fan part should be just fine. why do you want a vga cooler anyway? i had the xfx 8600gt XXX and it ran fine in the way of heat. it was warm but not overly so.
  3. The additional heatsink is only for 8800 GTS, Not for any type of 8600. I have a 8800GTS 320 and I also use this kind of heatsink because it is necesary only for this (8800 GTS 320/640) model.
  4. that add on is only for the 8800 gts/gtx models (old g80 cores). it is not needed on any g92-based 8800 or any of the 8600.

    i just got the vf1000 this week also. it comes with ram sinks. i will install this weekend.
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