Best virus prevention?

My current virus/trojan/malware/spyware protection is:

Once I have scanned and know I have a virus, I pull the hard drive and hook it up to another machine (that I know is virus free) and do two or three online scans/cleans (Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Panda, etc).. This has worked well in the past..

Viruses are getting smart, though. They disable the ability to go to these online scanning sites, and sometimes the scans still don't find the viruses..

Is there really any way to surf clean and protected? I don't want to wait until I'm infected, I want to stop them from ever coming to my system in the first place..

While I use IE, I rarely have any problems at all. My friend uses Firefox, and we just spent two days cleaning his hard drives of viruses.. In fact, as long as the computer wasn't hooked up to the internet, it was screaming fast! As soon as we plugged in the network cable, it crawled to a snails pace.. So I don't think it's necessarily a browser issue..

I have never had any luck with active software solutions.. They slow everything down and generally cause more problems than they are supposed to fix..

Is there a way you can have a computer hooked up between the cable modem and the router and have it filter out the bad stuff? A standalone hardware filter..

Or possibly VNC through a MAC via or something, but so your internet experience is 'normal'? I mean normal as in being able to upload/download, etc.. I'm setting up a computer that will be a workstation that needs to be online, and I don't want any downtime with internet-related problems like viruses..


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  1. The only virus protection I have used for the last few years is ClamWin.
    Personally, I don't see any real need for full time protection as long as you use common sense on the Internet.
    Don't download anything you are not sure about, don't open any email attachments from anyone you don't know, don't go to any of the 'wrong' sites (you know the kind I speak of :p ), etc.
    I have NEVER had a virus on my personal system and I surf the net without active virus protection every day...
  2. I feel im going to get beats for saying this but all i use is Firefox 3 and AVG free.

    Got zlob on my old rig once, that was a laugh :D
  3. outlw6669,

    That is good advice.. I generally follow those rules myself..

    But, I have three kids (and a wife!) who don't necessarily follow that good sense.. :)

  4. I use avast! anti virus (free edition) and zonealarm firewall (free edition), neither slow down my pc at all (unlike that utter utter pos Norton which I would never recommend to anyone).

    Also note that it is crucial to install xp/ie/firefox security updates as soon as they are available as well as regularly updating any antivirus/antispware/firewall software.

    In addition, get yourself a copy of spybot search and destroy (also free). It has a bad download blocker facility and a bad hosts list feature which blocks a lot of bad software and websites. You have to activate those manually though. As an extra security layer, it also has a registry monitor which can block programs from modifying your registry which can be very usefull.

    Avast! and spybot have a preboot scan option for dirty/suspect systems which is also very good. Legitimate links to s/w below (remember to choose the FREE editions :-) ):

    It is much easier to prevent an infection than clean it up after.....
  5. Oh, and make sure your wife and kids user accounts are not Administrator accounts, that will help a little
  6. In that case...
    Check out AVG's Internet Security package.
    It should keep your system safe from the wife/kids ;)
  7. +1 for rtfm

    Make them a seperate user level acount.
  8. I use Eset NOD32 but I would also agree with a lot of the advice on here.
    A lot of the free ones are better than a lot of the paid for ones.

    Firefox (always kept up-to-date)*
    Windows defender is actually surprisingly good at spyware.

    ...That other one... McAffee!
    These ones are horrific to get working and keep working, and even worse to try and fully remove. Just don't do it!

    * Re a filtering system, FF3 now comes up with it's little passport man if you try to visit a website known to be distributing malware. Its list is updated regularly.
  9. +1 to avoid McAfee.
    I am on O2 Broadband in the UK, and the McAfee Suite comes as part of this package.
    It is for one a complete systems hog, and for two not very effective.
    I uninstalled McAfee after a week and went back to AVG Free.
  10. Personally I use ::

    AVG Free
    Firefox + AdBlockPlus + NoScript
    AdAware for a weekly scan
    A-Squared for a weekly scan.

    I've not had a virus in years, and that was my own stupid fault when I did get one.
  11. mi1ez said:

    ...That other one... McAffee!
    These ones are horrific to get working and keep working, and even worse to try and fully remove. Just don't do it!

    Norton 2009 security products are surprisingly good for a change, light on system resources and detection improved. I don't think I'd move to Norton though, because I prefer Kaspersky Anti-virus.
    I haven't used the latest Mcafee products, but the last I used (2006) came free with my laptop, I uninstalled it almost straightaway because it slowed my computer down to a crawl.

    There's this guy on Youtube who tests various security solutions on a badly infected XP machine, interesting since some solutions he tests are just hopeless.Worth a look..
  12. I use a combination of firefox w/ noscript installed, plus kaspersky. It's worked pretty well for me so far. Kaspersky real time protection take very little resources.

    If you have a beefy machine. (XP w/ 2GB or Vista with 3.5 GB) and either xp pro, vista business or ultimate you can use a virtual machine. teach the wifey and kids to start the vm and surf with that. You can set a VM to delete all changes once it shut down. This is pretty much virus proof.
  13. I work in a PC repair facility and the primary offenders I see in regularly are:

    None/Expired/5 Different Kinds running at the same time

    I've only seen a few Avast PCs in, probably because the general public doesn't know about it, but so far it does seem far better than AVG.

    But in general, if a computer comes in with AVG, I assume it's infected - just like computers with amusing cursors and WeatherBug.

    I typically recommend Trend Micro Internet Security, Kaspersky, or Webroot (but Webroot slows down your computer)

    Just my 2 cents.
  14. the absolute BEST way to prevent getting virus's..

    disconnect the wire (or wireless connection) that hooks your computer to the internet!! (and dont share disks/media with friends who are connected!)
  15. michiganteddybear said:
    the absolute BEST way to prevent getting virus's..

    disconnect the wire (or wireless connection) that hooks your computer to the internet!! (and dont share disks/media with friends who are connected!)

    You forgot to complete that ::

    Disconnect the wire
    Put the computer in a safe
    put the safe in an oil drum
    fill the drum with concrete
    put the conrete filled drum in a haulage container
    fill the container with more contrete
    Drop container into Marianas Trench.

    Safe computer!! :D
  16. I had a virus on my pc last weekend, and I was using ZA security suite, albeit 7 since 8 just crashed my pc when I installed it, at the time. In fact the only reason I noticed something was wrong, was that I suddenly started getting popups on IE, and page redirections.

    After numerous scans with - Nod32, Avg, ZA, Trend online scanner, Windows Defender, Adaware, Spybot, nothing was found. Looked around on the net, and heard that the new Norton was supposed to be good. I was a bit sceptical, the last time i used Norton was the 03 version, and I remembered disliking all the ones after - system hog came to mind.

    Anyway, Norton found a virus, and removed it. Rescanned with Norton, the virus was found again, so removed it again. Third scan with Norton, nothing was found. But I was still getting stupid popups, redirections and my system was unstable. So in the end I just wiped the hard drive. I will say this, the new Norton does seem a lot better, whether it actually removed the virus or not i don't know, since the syptoms continued afterwards, even when nothing was found. But I'll probably stick with Norton 2009 as it seems a lot better, at least for the moment.

    So long as you're careful on the net, you should be, generally ok. If you go out of your way to look at websites you know you shouldn't, or download weird software, legally or illegally, then you're kind of asking for trouble.
  17. Remove the biggest virus from the computer you mean? The user?

    I'd suggest either
    Bit defender, kaspersky or NOD32. They are great and update often. AVG isn't bad for a free scanner but had a huge problem a few weeks ago (removed a windows file).

    The real tips about being careful and not going to certain sites is the best way to keep clean. But these tools will help you if you have to go there (still not safe). Be careful and always make sure you download from places you trust. Don't download the newest windows free programs from a random site, go to their site.
  18. How do I create a virtual machine? We are using WinXP Pro (three 32bit and one 64bit).. That sounds like what I'm looking for..

  19. Seriously guys, come on, i did not install a single Anti-Virus on my computer for more than 5 years. Last time i had one was on my P4 2.8, i had Norton 2004.

    The secret for not having virus is simple. Whatever browser you use. STOP WATCHING PORN!!!! And if you do, go on site you know (or one of your buddy knows is virus free)

    Hehehe. My advice..
  20. trinix said:
    Remove the biggest virus from the computer you mean? The user?

    Bit defender

    BitDefender is so broken ATM that I can't recommend it. After an update, and additional updates almost every day since, it identifies FireFox, several windows service among other things as virus.

  21. I like Avast myself..
  22. I use avast! Home Edition, along with Comodo Firewall Pro (also free). They work great in tandem.
  23. Avira is also good, ranks as one of the top anti-virus scanners on Plus, it has a free version!
  24. My secondary/guest system got infected with some malware of the type that poses as a spyware blocker/cleaner, it also prevented any legitimate virus/spyware/malware removal software from running even in safe mode (including online scans). Ultimately, I had to download 'Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware' and rename the executable so it would run without the infection program intervening. Here is a good guide for cleaning up an infected machine:

    READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide on forums

    As far as active protection... there is no one perfect method. The first line of defense, as outlw6669 illustrated, is sound and safe browsing habits. I've used (purchased license) Kaspersky Internet Security suite for the last couple of years and it does a pretty decent job of catching anything I miss.
  25. I use nothing... router firewall + good internet habbits I've only had once virus in my x years and a reformat clear up it's woes. My security is vistax64+iex64 i guess
  26. I use AVG Free.
  27. Am I the only one who has used symantec corporate for the last five years happily? I have tried avast and I did not like it.

    Symantec corporate works fine for me so I will back them up and I have been building PC's for fifteen years.
  28. I'm not sure when I last got a virus. I think a fudge-packer male friend of my then-gf picked up some when she let him use my PC back in the mid 90s, but I think the worst thing that came of that was he got me on some spammers' lists. I ended up having to delete that email account, because I'm just not interested in "Teens With Farm Animals!"
    Currently I'm still using McAfee, but only because it was free from my ISP. I'm seriously considering paying for Kaspersky though, or something else that is less of a system hog. But hey, that's a big reason I got a quad. I also have Spyware Doctor. It seems effective (cleaned up my wife's system nicely when she got infukted); its worst offense is it will minimize Guild Wars to pop up its scan results, but it hasn't gotten me killed yet.
    I used to use Spybot Search and Destroy, but apparently it is way out of date now so I took it off. I'm also behind a NAT router. If I want to check out anything I even might think could be a problem, I log into a non-Admin account to do it.
  29. I'm using ESET Nod32. Pretty light on ressource and fast.
    For spyware / malware -->malwarebytes. Pretty good. Better than spybot, free and up-to-date.
  30. avast has been very good to me, when I originally picked it it was one of the few with 64-bit support and I think it remains one of the best of that group. It also has a very small cpu/mem footprint from what I've noticed. Plus the fact that its free is just amazing too.
  31. Ive been virus free (and spyware free) for at least 2 years and been using avast with antispyware from (adaware, spybot, ccleaner, hijackthis, spyware blaster)

    I must admit going on web site that aren't always safe (crack, freeware etc.)

    Why i use avast:

    1) free
    2) autonomus (2-3 autoupdate per day), inteligent scans
    3) resource friendly (can be run on pentium II and III with limited memory, )
    4) did i mention that it's free :pt1cable:
    5) detected infection that other popular didnt
    6) never need to reboot to get rid of infection
    7) Never got in a loop trying to desinfect
    8) when installed on client computers, didin't come back to see me with viruses

    enjoye :sol:
  32. Keep windows updated

    Turn off the windows firewall and use COMODO . Its free and its the best . Only use the firewall component though since the other protection [ works a bit like UAC ] will nag you to death well before any virus could harm you

    use AVAST . Even the free one is very very effective
  33. I use avg free plus adaware & spybot.
  34. since 1 week i'm using avira. before avg free. don't notice big diffrence. on my desktop i use nod32. an old version... very good thing!!

    my dad uses panda, i don't like it. our other pc bitdefender (i used to like the older verions, not the new ones)

    and mc affee did make my system crash.

    so avg, avira or nod32 if you ask me
  35. i use AVG free and firefox 3.. no problems so far. have used all the free ones like avast!, adaware, zonealarm etc, but really imo its not needed. windows xp firewall is good enough.. AVG works like a dream though :D highly recommend it. also run spybot S&D every once in a while though.
  36. yes there is a way to surf and stay virus free, download a free program called sandboxie and run your web browser through that, stops any virus getting to your system and also have avast and spybot sd.
    BTW all the programs listed are free
  37. Looks like I found what I am looking for!

    DefenseWall is a HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) program that basically catches everything that comes in and lets you decide what to do with it. Most stuff you will probably delete/destroy, but you still have the option to allow programs you want to run access to your machine.. No need to update a database to make sure you can scan for newer viruses, this will let you prevent them from ever getting on your machine and causing damage.

    The price is right, too ($29!)

    A huge thanks to Speedbird who posted the links to mrizos's youtube videos. He works as an IT guy for a St. Louis firm and is obsessed with removing malware. He has lots of videos and reviews about most of the major malware removal software packages, all very informative stuff based on real-world usage..

    His Youtube videos are here:

    His website/blog is here (lots of good info! This is from a guy who removes malware for a living!):

  38. dont pay, go for sandboxie stops any crap getting on your hard drive, plus sandboxie was put to the test with a number of sandbox programs it was the only one that past the test
  39. Where is the 'test'?

    Also, sandboxie says 'buy' right there on the top of the page and it turns out to be 22Euros.. Not free.. (not that I mind paying!)

    Looking at the videos, Sandboxie keeps popping up for everything that comes in.. That would get annoying..

    Plus, it looks like some people are using a HIPS plus a VirtualSystem (like Returnil).. That way, just in case anything gets through the HIPS protection buffer, it only infects your virtual system and not your real system. A reboot, and you are back to being clean..

    But it still seems like you have to have SOME anti-malware program, because you may allow a program to come through thinking it is safe when it isn't.. If you allow it to come through the HIPS buffer and install on your system, you better have something on there that can remove it..

  40. sandboxie comes up with a window when you first open it, lasts for five seconds, you can pay to remove this window. the window say's you installed sanboxie more than 30 days ago, personal use of sandboxie is permitted free of charge for as long as you wish, However the free version will now pause for a few seconds.

    cant find that link that led me to sandboxie in the first place
  41. would add you can run any program through sandboxie. I use it to run keygens through does not matter if there infected or not
  42. I'm running mcaffee but all you need is to use Chrome as your browser and update your PC as soon as it needs an update, then your pretty much perfectly safe.
  43. Hello...where are u getting these threads from?!

    Stop using the search function. Forums arent exactly fond of bumpers
    I mean this was on page like 100...its DEAD
  44. +1 for Silverion77
    -2 for Helloworld_98
  45. McAfee. And most people that pick up viruses are looking up torrents, porn, or going to sites that have a TON of solicitation on them. Stay on safe sites, (i.e. News, weather, and popular shopping sites) and you should be fine without though I don't recommend it.
  46. -1 to mamw93 for also not realizing this thread is DEAD

    Have u guys ever heard the saying "Dont beat a dead horse"?

    Edit: ROFL who gave me -1?!? :lol:

  47. Now, stay dead!
  48. fail it said it was on the first page in my browser so I didn't check the dates.
  49. I've been using Windows Live OneCare. It's not free, but I've had a good experience with it because it doesn't fight with my other windows components. I use Windows Live Mail for my email, WL Sync (aka FolderShare) for file sharing, and it's really nice to not have the Windows Firewall constantly freaking out because all of my internet applications are from different companies. These programs (the ones above) aren't the best solutions out there, but they all play nice together, which saves me a headache.

    EDIT: whoops just realized this thread was dug up from last november... -1 to me :??:
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