Core i7 overclock - cant lower memory speed anymore

Hey people,

My core i7 system is doing fine at these speeds:

The temps are quite high, but thats because I put the voltage a little bit higher than nessecary (had my first blue screen at 4ghz, but that was with 1.24v lol), I think 1.28v or even 1.27v will do as well.

But I got a problem with the memory (for in case I want to go further). I have DDR3-1066 mhz memory now. My motherboard, the MSI X58 Pro-e, has some options to change memory speeds. It is now at the lowest multiplier ('3'), and at around 3400-3600mhz it even underclocked itself to 900-1000mhz. But now I hit the 4000mhz, the memory speed just keeps going up and up. It is now at 1200mhz, the highest I had ever let it run (I do not dare to get it higher yet). Is it:

1. Possible to let it go higher, like can DDR-3 1066mhz memory actually easliy hit 1333mhz
2. Or did I miss an option somewhere to lower it afther all?

It would be nice if I can hit the 4,2 or even 4,4ghz with this set (if the memory 'problem' can be solved, it is). The cooling is provided with a Sytche Mugen 2 CPU fan in a HAF-922 case, the Mugen's fan spits its warm air out to the big exhaust casefan at the top of the case. My computer really heats up my room for 'free' :D. I wonder if the cooling can take it. I think so, what about you guys?

Thanks in advance :).
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  1. Sorry but I would like to know the answer, maybe I can swap in the memory untill wednesday ;).
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