SATA drive not seen!

Hi guys,

I am going crazy here,I got a 1tb Hdd in a Merlin Case....

It was working fine until one day when i was not or actually thinking I pulled the HDD out of the USB, I did tell windows, but i gave me some sort of warning and without reading it I pulled the HDD out...........

Now it does not show up under "My Computer" or "Manage" but when a person reboots the box it does show on the DOS boot start-page.....

Since then I have taken the drive which is SATA and plugged it directly into the motherboard - Still cant see it - SO NO SOLUTION!

Please help me out guys and girls.......

Thanks so much for your help.
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  1. If it shows up in the BIOS, it should show up in manage. Does it show up in manage as an unformatted disk?
  2. buwish is talking about Disk Management, which you access as follows:

    Start -> right-click on "My Computer" -> Manage

    ...then click the "Disk Management" icon under "Storage" in the left-hand pane.
  3. ^yup

    Could just be a messed up partition table. You can repair that or format it.
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