Faulty velociraptor?

Where to begin...ok system specs

Asus Striker 2 Formula motherboard, q9550 (previously), q8300(currently), Corsair Dominator 2x2gb sticks, 4870 1gb dk, 300gb Western Digital 10k rpm VelociRaptor.

Ok, so I over heated my CPU and caused some malfunctioning not too long ago. I RMA'ed, and received a new motherboard from Asus thinking it was a mobo problem. I then booted, to get to the ROG splash screen (where it asks to go to system setup or view post information). Once I get there, I cannot press anything as it doesn't recognize my USB keyboard. It stays stuck there, and on my neat little LED poster, it also does not show any signs of life (except the light lighting up to show it has power).

I thought then that it was a CPU problem, so I purchased a q8300 the other night, got it today, and booted up to the same problem. During so, I looked at all the LEDs on the motherboard and noticed that when I initially boot up, the HDD LED flashes orange a few times then does not light up after. Obviously, there seems to be some problem with the HDD right? Well we will find out after I RMA it to WD.

But my question is, why would I get stuck at the ROG splash screen if it was just a HDD problem? Wouldn't I be able to atleast access my system set up??
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  1. I think it's trying to identify the drive. That's so you can select a boot device in the BIOS. If it "senses" the VR but the VR doesn't talk back then it waits. I don't know how long exactly. I seem to remember a setting in my BIOS that says 35 seconds for SATA devices.
  2. Anyhow, I Bought a new HDD today from local best buy. I installed, booted, and it first it didn't get past any sort of post cycle. I reset the cmos, booted again, and came up with the initial problem (stuck on ROG screen, HDD_LED blinks orange for a bit then doesn't light up, and not able to access system setup or to display the bios post message)

    I also swapped the cmos jumper to 2-3, took out the cmos battery for about 15 mins, put it back in, swapped jumper back and booted up to same problem. I also swapped my sticks from A1+B1 to A2+B2.

    Guess I gotta try the memory.
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