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Initially i never had this problem but somewhere along the line i got the dreaded Jraid pausing problem. (cue thunder) Of course i googled, updated drivers/bios, checked HD fitness et etc etc. I even changed OS ( XP to vista) and still the problem existed.

The driver for device \Device\Scsi\JRAID1 detected a port timeout due to prolonged inactivity. All associated busses were reset in an effort to clear the condition.

This is the actual error
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  1. Cant seem to edit my message so will add this on here

    anybody came across any solutions

    This is ona P35 DS3
    Dual core 6700
    2x 75GB raptors raid 0
    2x 300GB WD
    2GB Mem
    8800GT 256
  2. I had a similar issue on my P35-DS3R. All I did to fix it was going into the BIOS and disable the JMicron RAID controller.
  3. hoping not to do that but switched off AHCI and native mode sata it seems to be more stable. Juts gonna buy a new mobo.
  4. Put the RAID pair on the IHCxR - it's faster, more stable, and has MUCH better driver support...

    GB GA-X48-DS5 w/f8a BIOS - Q9550 stepE0 @ 3.825Ghz:
    Arctic Cooling Freezer7Pro w/92mm PWM 'daisy-chained' to CoolIt Systems RamFan w/EverFlow F126025BU 60mm PWM;
    Sunon KDE1204PFV2 40mm/NorthBridge; EverCool EC3010M12CA 30mm/SouthBridge;
    8Gb (4x2) 1066 G.Skill F2-8500CL5D @ 1080 (DDR2-8640) 5-5-5-15 on 2.4(6:5)mult/1333strap...
    CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 w/Silverstone SST-CMD01 ESA 5ch fan controller/4ch temp sensor:
    3 Arctic AC12L exhaust (top x 2 + rear); 2 Scythe SF12D (HDD cage top + rear); Scythe SF12E bottom intake...
    Koutech IO-FPM220 3.5" Floppy & Card Reader; 2 IDE DVD's;
    4 150Gb WD Velociraptors in two RAID0 pair-OSs & swaps; 2 1Tb WD RE3s in RAID1-data; 1 Sg 1.5Tb backups...
    Multiboot via BootIt NextGeneration:
    VistaUltimateX86/VistaUltimateX64/XpProX86/XpProX64(courtesy of TechNet)
  5. Only have ICH so cannot do that. Breaking the raid and putting them all on intel sata ports untill i get a new motherboard and its not going to have a JRAID controller on it. I emailed gigabyte but have my eye on a new P35/45 board.
  6. Quote:
    Only have ICH so cannot do that.

    I don't see what you mean - you don't say if you have the P,R, or L version of the DS3, but it doesn't matter: they ALL use the Intel ICH9R southbridge;
    putting them all on intel sata ports untill i get a new motherboard
    - that's what the 'intel sata' ports ARE - they'll work better and faster there, so what's the remaining problem that requires a new MOBO?
  7. Quote:
    I don't see what you mean

    P35 DS3 are only ICH9 on the southbridge i.e. they do not come with intel raid they only have the JRaid.
  8. Totally forgot about the existence of the 'non-R' southbridges - didn't know any were in use! Didn't see any 'no-suffix' DS3's on the GB MOBO selector page:
    Yuk - I guess I'd be thinking about a new MOBO, too!
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