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I was using a memory stick and when I clicked the Safely Remove Hardware icon I then clicked the wrong line, and I think I have removed something I shouldn't!! I meant to click on the line USB Mass Storage Device - Drive K, but for some reason (idiot perhaps?) I clicked the line above which said the same, but it had 4 drives (F-L I think).

Since then the SD photo card reader doesn't work and I'm wondering if this is connected to what I have just removed. When I go into "Computer" there are 4 icons missing under the "Devices with Removeable Storage" section.

Apologies if I'm not making any sense, I'm not massively PC literate, but I was wondering if I can fix what I've done, and how?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Since this happened, have you shut down your machine and rebooted? I would expect if you do that with those pieces of hardware still installed, Windows will recognize their existence and re-connect them or re-install a driver if necessary. In other words, it just might fix itself for you.
  2. If you have one of those internal card readers, they're usually connected internally via USB. When you "safely remove" a USB device, the only way to get it back again is to unplug and replug it, or to reboot. It's not practical to unplug/replug an internal card reader because it requires opening up the case, finding it's internal connection to the motherboard, and removing/replacing it. So a reboot is really the only choice.

    That's why I don't use internal card readers, but rather an external reader with a USB cable that I can easily remove and replace (it's also much handier because it's right beside my keyboard).
  3. Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply, I'm glad to report that Paperdoc is the winner, I did a reboot and sure enough those 4 drives have magically reappeared. As I suspected they were related to the photo memory card reader thingy (excuse my technical terms ;) ), as I have been able to upload photo's this morning.

    Panic over, I'l try not to bother you again :D
  4. Every once in a while we're all relieved to hear that a simple solution worked first time! Congrats to you.
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