Does it matter which pci express slot I use?

I have an xfx 780i motherboard. Problem is my heatsink on the southbridge set gets in the way of the 2 pci express slots that are closest to the cpu. does it matter which pci express slot the video card is in? I'd like to buy a 9800 gx2 and put it in the third slot if its possible. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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  1. depending on the motherboard, it can make a difference. sometimes the x16 slots are full-length slots but are only 4x speed.
  2. It is generaly the on eclosest to the CPU that you should use. Your board is full X16 X3 so it shouldnt matter but im not 100 % sure what the problems could be, there may be some issues with going through two empty ports . I would wait for some more replies if i was you.
  3. Is this your board?

    I think the heatsink is low enough so it won't interfere with your cards. But if you have some custom heatsink on it...
  4. dose'nt your mobo's manual state which way the cards connect together and from which card the video cable goes to the monitor,that should be your guide.:)
  5. Yes thats my board, and I have a watercooling block on the southbridge set so the pipes get in the way. I'd rather not get a watercooled dual card because then i'd have to run all of the tubes again which would be a huge pain in the ass. Also, i've looked through the motherboard manual several times and it doesn't mention the way they are connected, only that they are triple sli ready.
  6. I have done some digging around on various forums so this advice is just what i have gleaned from others and not my own knowledge. Check in your motherboard manual and check in the bios to see if the setting needed is there first.

    So what did i find ? Well apparantly the PCI-E configuration on your board is 2x PCI-E 2.0 and 1x PCI-E 1.0. now reviews i have seen put them in differant orders one says the 1.0 slot is the third slot and one says its the middle slot and you get an extra long bridge to get full2.0 SLI. So as i said check your MoBo manual to see what you have.
    Secondly a couple of guys on forums say you can change your primary slot by reasigning it in the Bios for SLI they are saying to change it from peg to peg 2, so im guessing you should have a peg 3 option.
    As i said check that its all there first and then i see no reason not to do it. Or you could google about the peg thing if you are still not sure.

    Mactronix :)
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