ATI HD3200 Overclocking question

i have a 780G chipset board with integrated HD3200 and i would like to overclock it, so far i increased the core from 500mhz to 700mhz in hte BIOS and everything seems to be fine. i have not tried any higher yet but before i do i would like to know if there is a way to increase the vcore for the chip?
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  1. well first off, why are you OC'ing the onboard video

    if its to play games better, just buy a discrete card
  2. i dont have the cash right now, and i do not play games
  3. I have never heard of overclocking IGPs, nor any success stories on the issue. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. IGPs are so hobbled compared to a discrete card that even if they could double their performance, the risk to the parts would probably be best mitigated by running a cheap discrete instead, almost guarunteed to outperform even a strong IGP like th 3200.
  4. i don't think you should increase the vcore on the hd3200.. lol, how much more can you overclock your integrated graphics? if you're trying to game on it, you SHOULD get a discrete graphics card.. the core speed increase should be plenty for multimedia apps..
  5. "i dont have the cash right now, and i do not play games "

    then why the hell are you overclocking it, causing posible instabilities and risking your system for NO BENIFIT?
  6. You really are asking for a bag of hurt or a burnt motherboard.
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