Dual LAN and Wireless Router

I'm looking for a way to run my cable modem direct to my desktop, but also keeping wireless internet active through the house.

Currently I have:
Modem->Wireless Router->Desktop+Laptop

The only problem with this setup is the router doesn't get along with some of my online gaming. Even with opening ports, triggering ports, and/or DMZ, it won't work.

What I'd like to do is:
Modem->Desktop (Dual LAN)->Wireless Router

Is that possible through the dual LAN and internet connection sharing? I can get it to work for 1 computer via a phsyical cable, but I have yet to get my router sync'd up with LAN port 2.
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  1. Look for a router that does get along with your online gaming.
  2. I'm looking for serious responses from knowledgeable networking gurus.
  3. I found a similar situation on experts-exchange.com. If you are using Windows XP the solution was basically the following:

    Start > Control Panel > Network Connections (or Start > Run > ncpa.cpl)
    Select both Local Area Network Connections
    Right click on the selected connections and choose Bridge Connections

    Then just connect your wireless router into LAN port 2. You might need to tweak your router's settings, depending on the manufacturer.

    By far my favorite quote on dual LAN ports:
    "Experts have pondered the multi-NIC question, and one of their best answers is that: If you get a short enough network cable, dual NIC's can make a convenient carrying handle for your MB." -Madwand
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