Asus Rampage II Extreme OR EVGA X58 ..Buying Today..

im puraching a x58 motherboard today i want to purchase a good platfoarm so it can be "futer proof" asus or the evga seemed the top 2 best x58 .. i have a i7 920 and gtx280sli

Asus Rampage II Extreme:


Evga X58:
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  1. Rampage or P6T deluxe
  2. p6t only 2way sli i want 3
  3. If you want good future proofing and tri-SLI, then go with Rampage II Extreme--it has maximum flexibility for future upgrades. Rampage can run a sound card with 3 video cards, while the eVGA X58 cannot.
  4. good point!! a
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