DIAMOND 4870X2 OC worth getting?

Hi guys, I plan on building my wife an gaming PC. She wants a card that she will last for many years to come. I was wondering if an 4870x2 OC card was worth getting or should I just stick with the regular edition; the difference between the two is, the oc one is faster and cost $50 more. We don't plan on cross firing and I'm not sure if OCing an 4870x2 to that speed is stable or not. Anyway, here's the card, thanks in advance.

DIAMOND 4870X2PE52GXOC Radeon HD 4870 X2 2GB 512-bit

Core clock
OC 800MHz vs Regular 750MHz

Memory Clock
OC 1950MHz vs Regular 1800MHz
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  1. First, congrats on having a gamer wife.

    I don't have any experience with the 4870X2 but what I can tell you is that factory OCed cards are kind of pointless. Every card I have owned has gone way past even the best factory OCed cards. There are some very rare cases where the factory OCed parts are higher quality but so far I have only heard this about evga stuff. I have also heard a few reports of the 800mhz core clock not making a difference.

    By default the OC limit is 800mhz core and 2000mhz mem. To get around this read here.
  2. Just get the normal one and use that money for more ram. Right now that card is a beast why bother with the overclocked version when you can run anything on high. When it starting to age then you can decide to overclock it. Whats the specs of the rig coz its more likely the stock card will be held back by the system its gonna run in rather then vice versa.
  3. Only thing that can favor oc card is when it has better aftermarket cooler than the original standard version. Even then it may be wise to downclock to closer the normal speed until the games need that extra juice.
  4. I agree. Get the OC only for it's improved cooling solution, not the OC itself. A card won't last longer for a 50MHz increase in the GPU my friend, it's the "tech" around that wich makes it last longer.

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