help! mystery 5-pin connector on motherboard..

I have just inherited a dual xeon system that is a few years old. I have purchased a new case, power supply and other items for it, but have run into a problem.

On the old power supply (Delta Electronics DPS-600MB A) and mother board (Intel SE7525GP2) there is a connection that I can't find any info on.

It is listed in my mother board user guide as an "Auxilliary Power Connector", and it has 5 pins. The connector from the old PSU is labeled P14 and has 4 wires going into it (white, yellow, empty, black, orange).

My new power supply (corsair tx650) does not have this connection, so my question is: do I need this? If I power up the system without it will it do any harm? What is it and what does it do?

If it is necessary, is there some sort of adapter available?

Any info would be great, thanks!
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  1. hmm, that looks like the CD Audio Connector, might not want to put power through it.
  2. Are you sure it's listed as power connector an not just as AUX? It looks like an audio connection for me. Anyway; you most probably don't need it...
  3. whats that fine print saying next to the connector? P/S AUX ST???
  4. This looks like the old server power switch connection.

    This was a better and more reliable connection for using the server board outside of the case.

    Normally used in blade systems.

    Only know this as i had a similar board several years back
  5. the fine print on the mobo next to the connector says "P/S AUX SIG 5 J5"

    It is a server board (user guide:, and it is listed as just an "auxiliary power connector".
  6. also designed for the server style power supply to power up the board without the use of an external switch on a blade rack.

    this should be obsolete aslong as it has a normal Power switch connection
  7. i have just purchased the same motherboard and have the same question. i put in a new power supply and plug it in and nothing happens. do you have to have that auxiliary connector connected.
  8. from experience, yes.

    it is the power switch connection
  9. Did you solve this problem?
    My 7520BD2 have 5 pin connector too, and Thermalkake 1200Wtts have not. :-(
  10. It's an old power signal connection for Intel server motherboards.

    Intel server motherboards used to require 3 power connections - a large main power connection, a smaller cpu power connection, and the P14 auxiliary power signal connection.

    Power supplies with the P14 power signal connection are still available from online vendors.

    lobstrosity - Here are links to your server power supply:
  11. What you need is a 20-Pin ATX Power Ext Cable with 6-Pin AUX Power Connector. This will solve your problem. check these sites:
  12. Jusmacn - An adapter cable is an excellent idea but the P14 connector is a 5 pin connector, not a 6 pin connector. Take a look at the photos the OP posted.
  13. I've got a motherboard with the same 5 pin connector. has any one figured this out? It seems like an adapter should be easy to make for it if we knew what the expected voltage and amps are.
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