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Well to start off I upgraded my family's desktop, got a new case,psu,cpu,ram,mobo. Just to save money cause there really isn't anything wrong with them/anything important ON them, I reused the hard drive 80GB v.v, and cd/dvd drive.

Everything is working fine except the computer is faster then my laptop so I've been using that do stuff and basically what I want to do is this.

Boot of off the desktop hard drive and back up the information on my laptop (videos, music and schoolwork). I was wondering the best way to use the harddrive that the desktop boots off of to also sotre the data from my laptop.

The motherboard does have an eSATA port, as well as plenty of USB's, so I was wondering if you can boot off of an external hard drive through the eSATA port( Im pretty sure you can't through USB). or if not, is there an easier way to transfer stuff from laptop to the desktop other than a 2gb flash drive?

Any help appreciated thanks,
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  1. maybe selecting boot device from the bios in the desktop rig.
  2. Yeah... well I was under the impression that you cannot boot from usb, and not sure about esata.

    So thats why I was wondering..
  3. bump. So basically now I'm asking can you boot from eSata or USB(which I don't think you can)
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