Geforce 8800GT SLI and 3 monitors ...

Hi All

Im wanting to move up to three monitor display for my current setup, and was wondering what the best way to go for this is.

Currently Im running:
Gainward Bliss 8800GT 512Mb PCIE-2
Gigabyte X38-DQ6 Mobo
Q6600 CPU
4Gig RAM

My mobo has another PCI-E 2 slot, so if I SLI up another 8800GT can I then run 3 monitors off that setup?

Also, regarding compatability, can I run any 8800GT (it doesnt need to be Gainward) in SLI? They always lower themselves to lowest clock speed, if I understand rightly ....

Thanks a lot
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  1. Dude you cant go SLI on a Intel Chipset. So check that....

    And it would be esier to just get a double gpu card. such as the 9800 GX2...
  2. Ah yeah of course .... I forgot I had a crossfire board ....

    So in that case can I just add another graphics card into the other PCI-E 2 slot and plug in a monitor .... and are there any limitations to this? Sorry for fairly newbie questions, Ive been out of the updating world for a while.

    Basically I want 3 monitors .... thats the main consideration (without loosing performance). Could I get 2 crossfire GPU's?

  3. Basically with 2 8800GT on a Intel board you will be able to run 4 monitors. SLI isn't required for this, its a OS level feature. However I'd recommend dual 4870 or 4850 in Crossfire. That way for general use you can have up to 4 monitors but when gaming only the primary monitor wil be active with both GPUs powering it.
  4. You cannot run more than one monitor in sli/cf mode, regardless of motherboard. To do so, you have to run them separately, which means having the performance of only one 8800gt, instead of 2 in sli. There are atypical single cards that support 3-4 monitors, like this 3870x2, but they're rare though.
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