Constant HDD Failures

I've been getting extremely constant HDD failures in my Macbook Pro, first with the original 250gb drive, then with the replacement 500gb I bought. I just put in the replacement 250 that Apple gave me when the original failed, so hopefully that will hold up, but I lost a ton of data in the process.

I do tend to tax the drives pretty heavily, the last 500gb drive was tri-booted. What could cause these common HDD failures, and how can I prevent them? I'm starting to loose face in HDDs and have no idea where to store my data!

Thanks for the help!
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  1. What do you do to tax them heavily?

    If the hard drives are constantly being accessed, then yes they can die due to both constant usage and heat build up. Heat is a serious issue with laptops because of limited cooling solutions.

    If you have a ton of data, then you should get into the habit of backing up your data to an external hard drive.
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