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I want to ask how far i can overclock the core i5 with the stock cooler with the CM HAF 932.. will it go over 3 GHz? it seems a nice cpu to overclock and the Coolermaster haf 932 case has alot of airflow :)
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  1. The 932 has a lot of airflow, but the shape of the stock cooler doesn't let it take full advantage of the airflow.

    All I can suggest is to see how far you can go while keeping a close eye on the temperatures. I doubt if you can acheive more than a 20% or so overclock.
  2. Okay, but on the website im ordering from they dont have any CPU coolers for socket 1156 and its the only website i seen that ships to Faroe islands, i really want a new cpu cooler.. is the website i use.
  3. I had to order a 1156 bracket (~$15 shipped) just to use the cooler I wanted. But you are right... 1156 coolers are still a rare breed.
  4. Anyone who does this, please post up. I just got an i5 with the asrock p55 extreme board. Using the stock cooler, and right now the case is open on both sides while I install/setup everything (not going to leave it that way) but it was running about 35c idle. I haven't even installed the OS yet, so I can't test it under load (after the holidays probably) or with the case closed.
  5. I would only give it a 10% or less OC on a stock cooler.
  6. A rule of thumb when wanting to oc, buy an aftermarket hs and some AS5. Getting oc to where you want it would be very easy. The standard oc for the i5 is 3.6 now. So if you want to do some oc'n, get an aftermarket hs.
  7. My philosophy is to get the best cooler I can for overclocking, but unfortunately there are problems with the availability of good 1156 coolers. Check out the most recent marathon builds by Toms, IIRC they used the stock cooler with their $1300 build and got a good overclock with it. One ploy they used was to undervolt the CPU to reduce heat output. Also every chip is different and there is some luck of the draw involved, but you might read the article, see what they did, and take your chances.
  8. I don't know about your board, but my P55 motherboard accepts 775 socket heatsinks in addition to the normal socket ones (EVGA P55 FTW). You should check, yours might too.
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